Lesson Prices And Policies 1/30/20

Lessons are paid per month, at the beginning of the month. There is no registration fee.


$105.00 a month per half hour 

$120.00 a month per 45 minute

$130.00 a month per hour 

For student s who "drop in", or just take an occasional lesson (like twice a month)  there is an a la carte pricing system which follows and is paid per class. This is not for monthly students who are booked in to a weekly time slot that they reserve. When you study a la carte aka "drop in", you do not get a reserved time. You contact the studio to book an available slot. A la Carte is available in all subjects.

30 Minutes: $30.00 per class

  45 Minutes: $45.00 per class

1 Hour: $60.00 per class

Please understand that when you book "a la carte" that the evening times between 4-7 are very popular and become booked almost immediately. If you choose to study a la carte, realize that you must be flexible to get a time.

**Discounts offered for students who study two instruments, or multi-family.**

**Discount also available for students who pay for 3 months at a time.**

Ms. Plucinski makes the weekly schedule on Sundays. Please confirm your time with her via email by the Sunday before your lessons.

*****The Studio Requires 4 to 8 hours notice if you must cancel for you to receive  a makeup lesson or credit. If the studio cancels, you are owed a makeup when space is open, or a lesson credit. If you cancel, you may make up a different day, or be given one credit on the studio. Only ONE lesson credit per billing cycle is permitted. (A lesson Credit is your payment due date pushed back one week.) Credits are automatically given during holiday breaks. Example, if we are closed December 24 and you were to owe, your payment would be due the following week instead when the studio re-opened for business.  If 4 hours notice minimum is not given, you lose your lesson and will not be given a makeup or a credit.  You may also send your teacher a practice video for feedback as a makeup. There are absolutely no refunds on missed lessons. 24 hours notice is best so that we can schedule accordingly and put a student who wants the lesson in your place. 

There are absolutely no refunds on lessons, ever. NO Exceptions.

Make-up Lessons:  Only granted when proper notice is given.

Please also bear in mind that if you take extended time off (more than two weeks) you no longer have a reserved time slot. The studio simply cannot hold any empty space open when other students need it for their lesson time, especially if it is at a "peak time" of 4-7 pm on a weekday. You may apply for a new slot when you return. If you would like to reserve a slot and pre pay, this is fine.

The studio loves school extracurricular activities! However, please try to schedule your lessons for a time you know that will work with your schedule to keep the studio running  smoothly for everyone.

There will be a $10.00 late charge each week that your payment is not made on time. The studio has the right to refuse lessons to any clients with continuously late payments/delinquent accounts. The studio also has the right to refuse lessons to any student who is continuously rude/disrespectful or not practicing.

We realize emergencies happen and will close in the cases of illness and severe weather.

If you are sick, please ask for a credit or arrange a make-up.  Illness tends to spread very rapidly in a music studio, so if you're sick it's better to simply stay home and rest! Also, if you need a new payment due date, please ask, we are happy to work with you. Please do not just ignore an invoice.

Please understand that these extremely affordable prices factor in the administration/business costs of running the studio, building rental, sheet music costs (PDF and books), musical instrument repairs  and the continuing classes and professional development training the studio teachers do to ensure your best possible lesson experience.